Chronicle is a platform that enables users with shared experiences and interests to collaborate and share photos with the world. In early 2016 I joined Chronicle and began work on their iOS MVP design. Since then I have designed and seen the app through public launch to the App Store and website.

Responsibilities: Product design (iOS app design, web design, project management), branding, communication graphics, analytics

Primary Tools: Sketch App, Invision App, Photoshop, Illustrator

Home Feed

The user's home feed is populated by animated previews of chronicles they follow. Most recently updated chronicles are pushed to the top. The number of followers, images, and date range of the images are easily previewed without tapping in to see more detail.

Chronicle Detail

Share button is prominent in order to encourage social sharing.

Create a new Chronicle

With a number of different privacy and moderation combinations available, we risked the posibility of overwhelming the user. To avoid product abandonment at this critical stage in the user flow, I needed to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible.

I originally mapped out the options like a Punnett Square (that genetics degree is useful), which helped me figure out the best way to present these options to the user. Subheaders were necessary to give more context to each selection as they are not commmon options.